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TV/Film Production

Since Off The Road Productions was founded we have been heavily involved with the art of storytelling. We independently write, produce, direct and edit films that continually captivate our audience. Off The Road Productions is currently in development on these TV/Film Projects.
The Hunt - Feature Film


THE HUNT is the feature film debut of independent filmmaker Peter Nicholas (owner/producer at Off The Road Productions). It follows the story of Jack, a man so desperate for wealth that he agrees to be hunted in the woods for seven days in exchange for one million dollars.


"THE HUNT" made it's debut in 2016, and has since gone on to win awards at film festivals across the country. For information on this project please contact us at

You can also watch "THE HUNT" on Amazon here

New Mexico Featured - Television Pilot

New Mexico Featured is a television show about what events, businesses and everything else going on in the land of enchantment.

The show was filmed throughout the state in 2016. Here is a segment from the show that covers a rally for then presidential candidate Donald Trump in Albuquerque. 

Toy Soldiers - Short Film


TOY SOLDIERS is a short film about a marine who is taken prisoner of war in afghanistan. After finding a common ground, one of his captors helps to free the marine.


Off The Road Productions independently wrote, produced, directed and edited this short film and it was released march of 2012 to rave reviews from both film critics and the general public.

Trailer TV on AMG - Television Show


Depending on the movie, sometimes the best thing about a film are the trailers that play before it.

That's the concept behind Trailer TV on AMG, a television show featuring nothing but the latest trailers for new movies.

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