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Off The Road Productions was founded in Austin, Texas back in 2010 by video producer Peter Rochon Nicholas. The company first began as a general video production company that created videos for events like weddings. Since then we’ve expanded to include Feature Films, TV Shows, Documentaries, Corporate Films, 3D animations and so much more!!


In 2012, we released our first short film called “Toy Soldiers”. This film tells the story of a marine who was captured in the middle east and the extremist who set him free. Using the knowledge gained by making “Toy Soldiers”, Off The Road Productions released our first feature film in 2016 called “The Hunt”. This film tells the story of a man who is paid one million dollars to be hunted for seven days. Made on a micro budget of just 8 thousand dollars, “The Hunt” has gone on to win awards at film festivals across the country including best cinematography and best picture.

Later that year, Off The Road Productions launched a half hour TV show called “The Director’s Cut” which reviews upcoming movies. The show aired more than 60 episodes in 80+ markets across North America. Numerous celebrities were interviewed on “The Director’s Cut” including Kamail Nanjani, Elizabeth Olsen, Jeremy Renner, Rob Dyrdek, Nev Schulman, Bruce Campell and many more!!


In 2017, the company took on a new direction and begun focusing on creating content to meet businesses’ needs. We now specialize in taking complicated concepts and translating them into easy to understand video content.

With this new focus in mind, Off The Road Productions created a video for the Department of Homeland Security, which details a space mission called Polar Scout. DOH was able to use the video we created for them to secure more funding from congress. The government has since utilized Off The Road Productions to create content for other missions. We have also begun working with various tech companies, startups and other businesses.



In addition, Off The Road Productions has moved to support philanthropic causes. In the beginning of 2018 we created a video for an organization called SAFE Alliance, which provides shelter to runaway teens in Austin, Texas. We’ve also begun working with an organization called The Austin 20 that seeks to end sex trafficking in the state of Texas.


Off The Road Productions has grown immensely since our founding, but we have worked hard to stay true to our original goal of creating high quality content and telling impactful stories.

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