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Script Anaylsis Services


Can I get a second opinon doc? Having your script reviewed by a professional filmmaker is essential to getting it produced. At Off The Road Productions, we provide feedback on your screenplay to help you take the script to the next level and hopefully get it produced. As a full service production company, we know what hollywood is looking for in a script and what it takes to get a film made.

Why Should I Get My Script Analyzed?


  • Find out what filmmakers and producers will think of your script from a filmmaker/producer.

  • There's a lot of professional script readers out there, but very few who have actually made a feature film.

  • Get honest feedback about your script.

What To Expect


We will provide you 2-3 pages of detailed analysis of your script and what it needs to take it to the next step. We will focus our analysis on a few key areas such as:

  • Character Development

  • Plot Structure

  • Marketability

  • Dialogue

  • Breakdown of what the script still needs

Let's Get Started


  • Email us at

  • Send a brief descirption of your screenplay (page length, genre, etc) and we'll send back a signed NDA (non disclosure agreement).

  • Pay through paypal and send us a .pdf copy of your script.

  • Average turnaround time is 5 to 8 business days.

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