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Bring your short film to the masses!

Have you ever asked yourself, what is a short film?

Yes we all know it is a film that is 40 minutes or less, but what is it really?  Is it an idea? A pitch? An example? A calling card? Business card?

The answer is of course all of the above.

That idea underscores the overall mission of The Short Film Showcase. The best way get your short film seen, and help your career grow, is to show it the masses.

The Short Film Showcase is an hour long television show that features some of best short films in the world.

We want to make sure your short film is seen by the thousands of people across the country, instead of just the few dozen or so that will be attending a traditional film festival screening.

This is not your standard online showcase or film festival. Your short film will actually be on Television! This will promote you as a filmmaker and help bring more attention to the movie you have created.

The Short Film Showcase has already been green-light to air on two networks, Tuff-TV and AMGTV. Both of which can be seen in more than 81 million house holds across the United States! We are also planning to air the show on Amazon Prime, Roku, FilmOn, Netflix along with many other Broadcast TV Stations and TV Networks.

Submit your film today on Film Freeway! (

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